Virtual Participants

The Frontier Incubators virtual participants are a group of 12 growing organisations from across the Asia-Pacific. As incubators and accelerators in an early to emerging stage of development, these organisations will receive mentorship and support that is delivered virtually by our world class Program Partners.

  • Accountability Lab


    Country: Pakistan

    Region: South Asia

    Building a new generation of active leaders and responsible citizens around the world.

  • Agile Development Group


    Country: Cambodia

    Region: Southeast Asia

    Merging design, innovation and enterprise to create independent lifestyles for people with disabilities.

  • CocoNew - The Agency


    Country: Tonga

    Region: Pacific

    A marketing, communications and brand development agency providing a ‘fresh approach’ to business.

  • COM Center for Entrepreneurship


    Country: Federated States of Micronesia

    Regions: Pacific

    An office that seeks to stir the local economy through entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Women Agribusiness Incubator (WAGI)


    Country: Philippines

    Region: Southeast Asia

    Equipping women microentrepreneurs in the Philippines through an integrated package of funding and technical support.

  • Entrev8


    Country: Papua New Guinea

    Region: Pacific

    A hybrid PNG-based education and consultation business that specialises in the disciplines of innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

  • GO Products


    Country: Papua New Guinea

    Regions: Pacific

    Striving to create wealth on digital, innovative platforms in PNG through public private partnerships.

  • Nepal Communitere


    Country: Nepal

    Region: South Asia

    An open and inclusive community hub for bold innovators and creative changemakers.

  • ONOW Myanmar


    Country: Myanmar

    Region: Southeast Asia

    A base-of-the-pyramid startup incubator and development lab based in Myanmar.

  • Samoa Chamber of Commerce and Industry


    Country: Samoa

    Regions: Pacific

    The national private sector organisation whose main goal is to power business growth in Samoa.

  • Te Ara CIMCE


    Country: Cook Islands

    Region: Pacific

    A business incubator that fosters greater economic self-determination for Cook Islands peoples.

  • Timor-Leste Food Lab


    Country: Timor-Leste

    Regions: Southeast Asia

    A gastronomic social enterprise that mentors food and coffee innovators in the Asia-Pacific region.